About WVS


We’re your answer for Facebook ads, 1 on 1 Facebook ads coaching,  and social media strategy. Our mission is help your business grow in the digital space.

About the owner:

My entrepreneurship journey started all the way back when I was 10 years old.
I was living in Florida and had joined a summer league swim team, as one in Florida naturally does. A teammate had invited me to go surfing with them. I went and I was hooked. But I could not afford my own surfboard. So I asked the family that drove me to swim practice if I could mow their grass to make some extra money to pay for my surfboard. That was my first hustle. I bought my first surfboard 6 months later for my 11th birthday. I still have that board to remind me that if you work hard and smart enough, you’ll be able to surf when you want.

Since then I’ve put myself through college, and I ALWAYS had a side hustle. In college, I moved furniture for an estate sale company to pay for my extracurricular activities. 


Business comes naturally to me. I’ve helped run one of the most successful gyms in the country (per square foot). We did well over $550k in revenue out  of a  2,700 sq ft facility located in the basement under a Chinese Hotpot restaurant in NYC. No visibility to foot traffic. So we had to be doing something right down there.


I was the first hire at MUSH Foods and helped build that from 3 farmers markets to nationwide distribution, Shark Tank and a successful investment from Mark Cuban.

For the last 3 years I’ve built a completely remote lifestyle for myself, traveling, working and surfing all over the world. I’m a self taught Facebook advertising expert, and own my own 6 figure digital marketing agency that’s generated over $4 million in client revenue. I’ve built 2 drop shipping businesses, cracked the code on CBD and cannabis Facebook advertising, and successfully designed, sourced and launched my own supplement brand on Amazon, Tierra Health.

When it comes to building and consulting in the digital space we’ve got the answers. And if we don’t we’ll recommend you to the people who do.  We’ve worked in range of industries: e-commerce strategy, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, automation, cannabis and health food products.


Our Philosophy

Here’s an overview of how we do things around here:

What We Believe

Clear Communication and Transparency. Our intention is to delivery the best results possible for our clients.

It's Not the Sopranos....

You’re not going to be held against your will. We don’t believe in crazy long contracts. We want to work with people and clients that want to work with us.

Shh..Testing in Progress

Things change every minute, especially in the digital space. We are always learning and applying what we’ve learned. Which means we are always trying and testing new things, ideas and strategies to give our clients the edge.



We pull from our expertise and apply it to grow your business.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a full time operation. We’ve assembled a tight knit team to keep content fresh and engagement high.

We offer a turn key solutions for Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok:

Social Media management includes:

Hashtag research, copy creation for captions, actual posting, social listening, direct engagement to drive traffic, data collection, and optimizing strategies for the future.


In our industry, over 60% of Facebook ad budgets are wasted. Why? Sub par content and poor strategy.

Are you ready to do more with your digital advertising budget?

E-commerce Strategy & Consulting

Improve your entire digital process when you partner with the WVS team.

We consult one-on-one or with your team to reach your desired outcome. Think of us as a true extension of your team.

We’ve worked in some of the most regulated markets like Cannabis and Food and Beverage.

We consult on:

Facebook/ Instagram Ads
B2B/B2C Facebook ads Strategy
E-commerce Strategy
Social Media Content Strategy
Social Media Profitability

Social Media Strategy & Consulting


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re going through a re-brand, Social Media is one of the most important components of a brand and a big piece of the sales funnel.  We’ll help you define you content pillars, design a strategy, growth, partnerships and advise how to turn followers into profits.

Our experiences working with the top brands in the space has given us a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We’ve even worked in some of the most regulated markets, like Cannabis. We’re your short cut to success.


SEO Authority

A vital piece of the marketing arsenal. Getting ranked is one thing, being found is another. Our team works to optimize your presence online and help build authority for your programs where it’s most important, during search.

icon website
Websites & Landing Pages

The top 10% of websites & landing pages convert 5x better than the industry average.

Our team of experts can ensure that you optimize and make the most of every prospect that finds you online.

Improve my online reputation

There’s no point in walking down the aisle if you don’t look your best.

Your reviews impact business. We work to bring in good reviews and minimize bad ones so that you’re putting your best foot forward.