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5 Proven Tips To Fix Your Online Reputation

We’ve got in the inside scoop on improving your online reputation

We’ve got in the inside scoop on improving your online reputation

With the transparency of the internet, reputation matters now more than ever. Take is from someone who used to work at one of the biggest and most fickle review sites, Yelp.


If you’re not actively paying attention to your online reviews, it could be detrimental to your business.


Don’t agree? Ask yourself, how much is one new client worth to your business?


According to Main Street Hub, one negative review, published towards the top of your page, could drive away up to 22% of potential new business. Depending on how much your product or service costs,  that’s potentially a lot of money.


So how can you fix your reputation?


Below are a few of your options:


  1. Lawyer Up! Hiring a lawyer to have reviews taken down or de-indexed (made non-accessible online) is a very expensive process. It could cost more than $2,000 per review. I recommended this is a last resort.


  1. Flag false reviews. Reviews that violate the guidelines of the perspective review site have a chance at being taken down. (See Google Guideline) Log in to your business owners account and make a case for yourself. Provide all evidence as to why the review should be taken down, and wait for a response.


  1. Respond to negative reviews. When I say respond, I don’t mean start an online feud between you and the client. Take the high road and think long term. Future people are going to see this review, which means future income. How you do want them to perceive your business? Be solution oriented and empathetic. Try to resolve the issue for them. When I worked at Yelp I would constantly tell business owners to log in and respond. It shows that you are a business that cares and you’re willing to resolve the problem. It’s also better to see a business owner that cares and responds to reviews than one that doesn’t.

  2. Bury the bad with the good. Push the bad reviews down by asking people to leave positive reviews. Keep in mind review sites like Yelp… If the user is not active on that platform, there’s a good chance the reviews won’t be published. Hey, don’t shoot me, I’m telling you what I know. I used to work there.


Reach out to them personally. Be human, be kind. Ask what it’s going to take to have them remove this review. Make it happen.


All and all these processes are very time consuming and require a lot of energy and money for the business. I’d rather have a system in place that was proactive about reviews. That’s where we come in.


With our Jedi Review system we’re able to recruit a steady flow of positive reviews while fending off the negative ones. It’s a one stop shop. All that, at a fraction of the cost of what one single negative review could do to your business.


If your reputation needs saving, throw a hand up and let us know.


We’ll set up a 30 min call to discuss how we can improve your reputation.


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