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How WVS Increased Revenue by 40% in 4 months For A Halifax Acupuncture College

What if your college could reach more potential students and generate an increased flow of qualified leads?

That was the goal when WVS worked with Ian Whynacht, Marketing and Recruitment Officer at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Prior to collaborating with WVS, Ian was the only one in his office working on marketing and recruiting. He had done some social media work, gone to a few trade shows, and held a few open houses. He even tried billboard advertising, radio spots, and newspaper ads.

However, he wasn’t getting the volume of leads he wanted.

Ian knew he needed the help of a company who understood where the market is right now and what types of advertising are most effective in today’s world.


CCATCM is the only fully-recognized college in Eastern Canada for acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. They offer an Acupuncture Diploma program emphasizing clinical experience and hands-on practice that meets provincial, national, and international standards.

The school also offers Master’s and PhD programs through an affiliation with Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University in China. CCATCM is known for its highly qualified faculty and small class sizes.

The Solution

The More Students team jumped right to work with Ian, delivering training and strategy for a plan to generate more leads.

One of the first steps WVS took was to understand the ideal student for CCATCM. They used data to define that student’s interests and goals, so that they could attract the right leads to the college.

“They got as much data as they possibly could,” explains Ian, “to make sure they were able to do what they needed to do to help us.”

After analyzing this data, the team at WVS consulted with Ian to develop a monthly plan for social media and Google marketing. The types of students who enroll at CCATCM range from 18-year-old high school graduates to mature students in their sixties, so the target market was very diverse. Their robust plan targeted a wide range of demographics with different types of digital marketing.

“The work that John and his team have done to understand us and to tailor our ads… I can’t say enough about it. They are a good team who check in on you, stay engaged, are always revising things and making sure you feel prepared, and the quality of what you are getting is there.”

The Advantages

Working with WVS offered CCATCM a myriad of benefits, such as:

WVS Meetings and Better Qualified Leads

The marketing campaign brought more potential students through the door for meetings, which led to more interested individuals moving through the process to the next step.

Not only has CCATCM experienced an increase in the amount of leads, but the leads are also a better fit for their school. “We’ve been able to get more quality people through the door,” says Ian. “More people who are interested in starting a career in this field.”

“That’s the goal of any organization like ours: to have a number of people to be able to call,” he continues. “The most important thing when you’re in a sales environment is to have as many touch points as possible, which is what I feel I’ve gotten from this.”

A Full Lead Nurture Strategy

“Not only did WVS bring their expertise, they brought a lot of training too,” says Ian. More than simply bringing in leads, the team at WVS showed Ian and his team a full strategy for nurturing and converting those leads from start to finish. “We decided how we were going to contact those leads, how to stay on top of them and nurture them.”

WVS helped Ian set up a tracking system to record every time a lead had made contact, scheduled a meeting, or enrolled. They also tracked the leads who didn’t convert, recording their objections.

After all, it’s not enough to simply collect an influx of qualified leads without a plan for how to convert them afterwards. It’s essential to have a system in place for organizing them, meeting with them, and converting them into students.

The Result

With the marketing plan developed by WVS in place, lead generation at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a breeze.

In the first four months of working with WVS, CCATCM saw an incredible 150-fold increase in leads. Sixteen students are now committed for the next enrollment period, which equates to $523,200 in added revenue. Plus, an additional 4 the “hopper,” the stage of the application process where they have applied and committed and are simply waiting for funding.

In addition, Ian says the steady flow of leads has made his job more enjoyable. “It makes it so much easier and so much more fun to do this job when you are able to have a lot of people to contact… It really takes a lot of stress off when you have someone like WVS working behind the scenes for you, so you can focus more on the things you enjoy.”

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