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How WVS Helped a Career College Bring In More Leads in Less Time

Nightingale Academy in Edmonton, Alberta is a renowned health care aide training program, founded in 2000.

Nightingale Academy in Edmonton, Alberta is a renowned health care aide training program, founded in 2000.

They have been training Health Care Professionals for over 15 years and their graduates work in some of the major hospitals of the region including the U of A Hospital, the Misericordia and the Royal Alex. This family owned and operated school is named after Florence Nightingale – the founder of modern nursing. 

Prior to working with WVS, the school didn’t have an effective system in place for generating a steady stream of leads or following up with students who showed interest. 

Most of the leads to the Nightingale Academy were previously coming via word of mouth, with the occasional new student signing up at a job fair. The school was also working with another social media advertising agency, but weren’t seeing the results they wanted. 

Brenda Wangert, Student Liaison, found out about WVS via a colleague at a sister school in Calgary. They began working together and implemented a lead generation plan in February 2019. 

Since then there has been a significant increase in the volume of leads brought into the Nightingale Academy – a result that has Brenda feeling very positive.  

About Nightingale Academy

The programs at the Nightingale Academy use a mix of classroom presentation, small group instruction and clinical and practicum experience. The requirements for the Nightingale Academy are Grade 10 English and a clear police background check.

The training program is 22 weeks long and it covers the essential nursing basics including Theory, Lab, Clinical and Practicum Experience. 

The Solution

WVS created a strategy for Facebook ads to advertise Nightingale Academy – something that the previous agency Brenda worked with hadn’t done. This proved to be a very effective form of advertising.

Facebook advertising was a great fit for the types of potential students Nightingale Academy targets. With the information Brenda gave them about typical applicants, WVS was able to refine their ads so that they generated an excellent response.

The Advantages

Working with WVS offered Nightingale Academy a lot of benefits, such as:

A Higher Volume of Leads

“We are getting way more interest… I’d say about 90% more,” says Brenda. 

“We probably get at least 10-12 leads every day just from the Facebook ads,” says Brenda. “On the average day there is no less than 10, even on weekends and evenings. It’s a ton of leads.” 

Previously, Brenda would get only one or two leads from each job fair. Now she can sit back and let the Facebook ads do the work of bringing in potential students.

Outsourced Lead Follow-Ups

Brenda is incredibly busy with payroll, student interviews and managing many other administrative aspects of the school.

While WVS gave Brenda a system and a script for effectively contacting students, she found that she was getting so many leads that she didn’t have time to contact them all! (Not a bad problem to have, right?)

So, she talked to WVS and found a solution – outsourcing lead follow-ups to a call-center. Now she will have more time to focus on other aspects of running the school, while still being able to make the most of the steady flow of leads coming in. (And maybe even be able to take a day off!)

The Result

Not only is Brenda getting more leads every day for the Nightingale Academy, thanks to the call-center solution she is spending less time on following up with them.

Plus, Brenda loves the helpful one-on-one service WVS provides and the responsive support Heather and Ryan constantly offer. “If I need to reach them, I always can,” she explains.

“They are great people to work with, I would definitely recommend them and I think you get what you pay for. It’s money well spent. Out of all the different kinds of advertising we’ve done, this has been the best.”

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