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Scaling Up SALES by 60%, Cutting Costs and Saving Time

How  More  Students  Helped  An Edmonton Nursing School Scale Up Enrollments (And Save Time) With a Call Center

How  More  Students  Helped  An Edmonton Nursing School Scale Up Enrollments (And Save Time) With a Call Center

Remember Nightingale Academy? 


This Edmonton-based school has been training Health Care Aides for over 20 years now, and their in-demand graduates often go on to work in a range of health care facilities, including long term care facilities, home care and assisted living. 


WVS has been working with Nightingale Academy for nearly a year now, and the results have been truly exciting.  


In our previous case study with Nightingale Academy in July 2019, we spoke with Brenda Wangert, Student Liaison. Brenda had been implementing our lead generation plan for about 6 months (Since February 2019) and was already noticing a significant increase in the volume of leads brought into the Nightingale Academy. 


The advertising campaign strategy was based on Facebook ads, which was a great fit for the types of potential students Nightingale was hoping to attract. More Students refined the Facebook ads based on information from Brenda about the typical applicants at the academy. 


In fact, the Facebook ads worked SO well that Brenda had a new problem. She had so many leads that she didn’t have time to contact them all. 

The Solution

WVS offered a solution to this issue. Lead follow-up would be outsourced to a call center, allowing Brenda more time to focus on other aspects of running the school.


Now 99% of the calls are handled by the call center. Brenda only needs to call potential students if they have more specific questions to ask, or if they are a special case. This saves her hours every week, while still allowing the school to scale up their enrollment. 

The Results

Increased Enrollments

By freeing up this bottleneck and using the power of the call center to contact more leads in less time, enrollments at Nightingale Academy sky-rocketed. 


The academy has seen their enrollments increase from an average of 2-3 per month to 5-8 per month


January 2020 was their best month to date, with a total of 8 enrollments from the leads WVS brought in. 

Saving Time 

Nightingale Academy got 245 leads in total in January. The call center was able to reach out to all of these leads with three phone calls per day. This was not possible for Brenda to do – there weren’t enough hours in the day! 


“Before, there was no end to the work for me,” says Brenda. “On top of making these calls, I already had a job, plus I was interviewing all the students who come for the program. I am also in charge of payroll for all the staff. I was sitting at home on the phone every night until 9pm.”


“One person can only do that for so long.” 

Improved Return on Ad Spend

By leveraging the power of the call center to reach out to multiple potential leads at once, Nightingale Academy was able to achieve excellent Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 


For every $1 they spent on advertising, they got back $17.28 in revenue. That’s an incredible result! 

Continued Support and Improvement

Another one of the major advantages is the way WVS continues to learn and improve the service they offer. 


“Everything is now working better,” Brenda explains. “We have a monthly meeting and go over things, and every month we tighten up something else.”  


“In terms of bang for our buck, compared to what we got from the advertising we were doing before, in my opinion it’s 100 times better,” says Brenda.  

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