In our industry, over 60% of Facebook ad budgets are wasted. Why? Sub par content and poor strategy.

Are you ready to do more with your digital advertising budget?

increase sales: It’s What We Do
increase sales: It’s What We Do

Sites and services owned and operated by Facebook and Google — such as WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram — now account for over 70 percent of all internet traffic. We can help you build advertising campaigns that convert that traffic into consistent leads for your business every single day.

How We Help You Succeed
How We Help You Succeed

Managing advertising campaigns is time-consuming and complex. By only working in the higher education industry, we ensure your school stays ahead of the competition.



Digital Marketing Platforms

Outperform your competition and increase sales.

Google Advertising Campaigns

WVS CO uses proven knowledge and expertise to get your ads on the first page of Google and in front of your potential customer the moment they’re ready to buy.

Google Retargeting Campaigns

Not all leads turn into sales students right away. You need multiple touch points. Sometimes, potential customer need a reminder of why your product or service is the best choice for them. That’s why WVS uses Google Retargeting ads in our digital marketing strategy.

Facebook/ Instagram Advertising Campaigns

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has over a billion monthly active users, is the largest and most powerful social media platforms in the world. Simply put, a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t include Facebook isn’t the right strategy for your business.

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

The truth is, billions of Facebook users doesn’t mean billions of sales. There’s no one lever to pull that makes you a millionaire. To be successful, your digital marketing strategies need to be able to convert those users into paying clients. Which means, multiple touch points.

Not Your

Digital Technology

WVS CO serves businesses in the digital space.
By staying laser-focused we can help you achieve the results your looking for in the digital space, while avoiding some of the pitfalls

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